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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Legend Of Atlantis - ROBERT SEPEHR

The Atlantean "myth", as passed down via Plato, is an ancient Egyptian tale who's genesis occurred so far back in history that the classical Greeks could not even recollect it. The story states that both Sais (Egypt) and Athens (Greece) were founded by the same patron goddess Athena (Neith). It was said that Athena (Neith) founded Athens in 9,600 BC and Egypt in 8,600 BC.

The Greek historian Solon learned from the Egyptian priests, circa 600 B.C., that Athens was founded by Athena (Naamah of the Bible, who was Ham’s/Chiron’s wife), 9,000 years before their time, and according to them, old kingdom Egypt began 1,000 years after that (which would have been around 8600 B.C.), as reported to Plato in his Dialogues.

A tremendous wealth of ancient thought and occult (hidden) knowledge sprang forth from the famous scholars of Plato’s generation, as was recorded in The Dialogues by Plato. Two books within the Dialogues, called Timaeus and Critias, reveal the history of two large, and once famous but now forgotten, civilizations which were given the Greek names of Atlantis and Hellas.

The Dialogues regarding Atlantis proclaim that the ancient history revealed in Solon's poem is true fact and not a fiction. The epic saga of the mighty empire of Atlantis and the honorable empire of the Hellenes was revealed in conversations between Critias, Hermocrates, Timaeus and Socrates which took place in ancient Greece, circa 400 BC. These highly renowned Greek scientists and philosophers had gathered to prepare a program for the festival to the goddess, Athene. A devoted young student of Socrates, known by the nickname, Plato (broad shoulders), eagerly scribed the details of their conversation. During this conversation Critias recited an ancient unfinished poem, which he had memorized when he was a child. This poem was written by Solon, known as the law-maker of Athens and the wisest of the seven sages of Greece. Solon received the information for his poem from an aged Egyptian priest and the ancient sacred registers of the Temple of Sais in Egypt, circa 600 BC.
Plato described mountains, lakes, and rivers on the Nesos, the “island” of Atlantis, which was surrounded by concentric canals for ships.
The fascinating and controversial tale of war and peace, love and greed, visiting gods and primal earth-born men, and natural catastrophes has remained a mystery for thousands of  years. The tale of Atlantis speaks to the mysterious and elusive history that was gifted to us by our beloved ancestors, the priceless treasure of our true ancient heritage, and the memory of the motherland of modern human civilization.


  1. When are the anunnaki returning? We need all the help we can get from this horrible government and illuminati controlling everything making up bs laws for profit.

    1. What makes you think the Anunnaki would be returning to help your bloodline? What makes you think that their form of governing would be better than what we have currently? How do you know that we would not become slaves of an advanced people? I find all of this very fascinating and plausible but I'm not so convinced that we can think that they will be coming back for our benefit? If God or the God's are simply more intelligent beings from other planets will you still bound before them and worship them? What if they demand such? I'm just asking questions which I think someone should be asking....

  2. Antarctica IS the Ancient continent of Atlantis! Research it! (;>)

  3. i translated it into persian