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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Morning Dew and Atlantean Alchemy - ROBERT SEPEHR

There is a fascinating history of morning dew being used in early chemistry, called alchemy. It was found to be remarkably medicinal, and was even used by the father of modern medicine and chemistry Paracelsus.

The health benefits of drinking morning dew are legendary and secretive.  Even the Rosicrucian Order is named after dew. ROS means dew, CRUCIS means crucible or flask. This is why the proper symbol for the Rosicrucian Order is a picture of a rose flower with dew droplets on the petals.

The Order of the Golden Dawn is a secret society which was formed by members of the Rosicrucian Order who split off to form their own group. The name was chosen because it represents their primary source or main ingredient for their Elixir of Life and Philosopher's Stone which can turn lead to gold.

There is also another society called the Order of the Morning Star, which refers to the planet Venus which shines like a bright star and rises only just before sunrise, which happens to be when morning dew is falling at it's highest levels. The Latin word Lucifer, corresponding to Greek Phosphorus, means "Light-Bringer", and is associated with  Venus's morning appearance.

From the manuscripts of these secret societies, we find a recipe for an Elixir of Life which was believed to cure every disease and be a veritable panacea, or 'cure all'. Dew was seen as the collector of moon light, and was represented by the metal silver. Sea salt was seen as he collector of sun light because over 80% of the earth is sea water exposed to the sun. By simply dissolving natural unprocessed sea salt in morning dew until it reaches it's saturation point and can hold no more, then digesting for a few weeks at 120°F (named by the alchemists the bath of Belneo Mary and abbreviated B.M.), a black powder forms and precipitates.

The black powder is removed and dried, then heated until it turns gray. It is then placed in new morning dew water, and again heated for several weeks until it lightens further. After several cycles of these digestions and calcinations of the material, it becomes snow white. It can then be heated on a silver plate, and will melt like wax.

It is a powerful medicine, and extremely potent. Only 5 drops per day would be prescribed to cure even the most wicked of disease, and also wonderfully improves the mental, emotional, and psychic functioning.

But the alchemists also found that this white liquid is able to dissolve gold and silver like ice in warm water, if the metal be in thin leaf form. And once digested, the metal solution becomes blackened, then goes through color changes to end as a beautiful red if gold is used, or white if silver was used. By this method a stone is made which is able to perform the seemingly impossible feat of transmutation of lead to gold or silver.

What is even more incredible is the fact this "stone" will begin to glow like a hot coal if made from gold and simply digested 7 times with the white dew/salt which dissolves it and putrefies it. And if made from silver, it begins to glow with a white fluorescent light.

However, a few of the old texts indicate the alchemists did not mean gold and silver as we know them, but instead meant antimony for gold, and bismuth for silver.

Some also wrote that both the white and red stones should be combined to produce the true completed Philosopher's Stone, which will glow with a distinct ruby red gleam instead of the soft 'hot coal' orange glow of the red stone when it's alone. This stone is also heavier than lead because it contains bismuth, and thus fits well with the descriptions written down by the alchemists for the past eight centuries.

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  1. I always thought the word Rosicrucian came from Rose-Croix which actually means Rose and Cross.