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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Russian Geneticists Disprove "Out of Africa" Theory - ROBERT SEPEHR

The "Out of Africa" theory, or the "African Replacement Hypothesis", argues that every living human being is descended from a small simian group from Africa. This Afrocentric theory of single origin has been completely discredited by the fossil record and recent genetic research, yet it is still embraced and promoted by academia and the liberal media alike. The "Out of Africa" theory is financed and endorsed by the United Nations and is pushed globally in an effort to further a political agenda, not a scientific one.

Recent fossil discoveries in central Asia have already turned the “Out of Africa” theory of human evolution upside down. Now two Russian geneticists show that DNA also disproves the obsolete egalitarian theory. There findings were published in Advances in Anthropology. The entire article can be read online. Click Here.

From Advances in Anthropology:
"Seven thousand five hundred fifty-six (7556) haplotypes of 46 subclades in 17 major haplogroups were considered in terms of their base (ancestral) haplotypes and timespans to their common ancestors, for the purposes of designing of time-balanced haplogroup tree. It was found that African haplogroup A is very remote time-wise from all other haplogroups, which have a separate common ancestor."
"The finding that the Europeoid haplogroups did not descend from “African” haplogroups A or B is supported by the fact that bearers of the Europeoid haplogroups, as well as all non-African haplogroups do not carry either SNPs M91, P97, M31, P82, M23, M114, P262, M32, M59, P289, P291, P102, M13, M171, M118 (haplogroup A and its subclades SNPs) or M60, M181, P90 (haplogroup B), as it was shown recently in “Walk through Y” FTDNA Project (the reference is incorporated therein) on several hundred people from various haplogroups."
It is not socially acceptable to attempt to explain human anomalies that do not fit the prevailing "out-of-Africa" model, such as origins of RH negative blood-type. Many indoctrinated anthropologists, elected politicians, working celebrities, and other unqualified media "news" personalities unanimously insist that there is no such thing as race. The hostility and intolerance shown towards opposing theories backed by scientific evidence is truly ironic.

Unfounded accusations of racism have become common as the prevailing Darwinian inspired theory is constantly being challenged by the growing mountain of conflicting scientific evidence, especially in the evolving field of genetics.

It is now scientifically irrefutable fact that the "human species" has been found to contain a substantial quantity of DNA (at least 20%) from other hominid populations not classified as Homo sapiens; such as Neanderthal, Denisovan, African archaic, Homo erectus, and now possibly even "Hobbit" (Homo floresiensis).

If not given drugs to prevent infant death, the pregnant body of a rhesus negative mother will attack, try to reject, and even kill her own offspring if it is by a rhesus positive man.

The Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) is a sub-species of the gray wolf (Canis lupus), and they  produce hybrids.

There are numerous other examples of where two separate species (for example with different numbers of chromosomes) can also produce viable offspring, yet are considered separate species. That said, humanity has been shown to be, genetically speaking, a hybrid species that did not all share the same hunter-gatherer ancestry in Africa.

Recent sequencing of ancient genomes suggests that interbreeding went on between the members of several ancient human-like groups more than 30,000 years ago, including an as-yet unknown human ancestor. "there were many hominid populations,” says Mark Thomas, evolutionary geneticist at University College London.

Recent genetic studies are touting shocking headlines about how ancient humans 'rampantly interbred' and indulged in inter-species interracial sex with multiple mystery sub-races in a "Lord Of The Rings"-style world of different creatures, including mystery DNA - neither human nor Neanderthal, not yet identified.

After WW2, the Aryan utopia of a Thule paradise was completely abolished, replaced by an egalitarian utopia promoting a mythical sub-Saharan cradle of civilization, promoted globally with funding by the UN. The "out of Africa" hypothesis backed by the united nations was universally adopted, often times enthusiastically celebrated, and treated as religious dogma in Universities that currently enjoy public federal or state funding and tax exempt status.

Archaic Interbreeding in African DNA: Genetic evidence for archaic admixture in Africa



  1. i knew this from baba vanga, i knew out of africa therory was manipulation long time ago, i knew it from my heart too, i sensed it i felt it. Just a political lie manipulation. The thruth is elsewhere. So proud of you Russians!!!!

  2. out of africa is a fall theory

  3. Read the Jesuit oath. This is where the United Nations came from.

  4. who created "out of africa"theory?
    Ans: the ones that having african/arab/beduin admixtures(the jewfishes)

    ANS: to paint us all in same brush& generalize all,to create a one world govt..

  5. But isn't it generalization to claim that we're not all of the same ancestors or species? The bloodtype differences, for example? Basically, what I get from all this, is that we're not the same race, some have different ancestors and what have you. There's no doubt that in the past (and I really mean PAST) several human ET races came down here, and we, of course, are the offspring of those visitors. That's all fine and dandy. And yes, we're still all Earthlings and equal = one race. But again, we're not. And then all this about the two bloodtypes - that is generalitzation, right? So how can the Out of Africa (which is pure nonsense) theory be about generalization?

  6. AtlanteanGarden Have you done any research on blood groups/ Rh negative anomaly?