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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Energy Transmutation and the Way of the Tao - ROBERT SEPEHR

Prana, Chi, Orgone, Vril, are all similar words used to describe life force, or bio-magnetic energy. In Taoism the object of spiritual practice is to harmonize one's will with Nature, or become 'One with the Tao'. This involves meditative and moral practices in order to achieve 'effortless action', and to maximize physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual vitality.

Tao is a Chinese word signifying "path", "road", or "way". In the context of East Asian philosophy and religion, the Tao is not a "name" for a "thing" but the underlying natural order of the Universe. There is no exterior deity to be worshiped. Mantak Chia, an expert in Taoist philosophy, is one of the first to publicly disclose secret Taoist traditions and techniques with the West, which for many millennia were carefully guarded by emperors, high priests, pharaohs, and other elite.

Bio-magnetism is the phenomenon of magnetic fields produced by living organisms. The chakras in the body are distinct energy centers that start at the top of your head and end at the bottom of your spine. Meaning "to weave" in Sanskrit, the term Tantra implies a set of spiritual practices that direct the universal energies into the practitioner, thereby leading to liberation from the physical level of existence. 

Orgone is the universal Life Force, the basic building block of all organic and inorganic matter. Coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Orgone was seen as a massless, omnipresent substance, similar to luminiferous ether, and called by the Great mystics and philosophers; Chi, Prana or Vril.

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Robert Sepehr is an anthropologist and author 

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