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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Thracian Legacy and Ancient European History - ROBERT SEPEHR

In classical antiquity, Illyria was a region in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula inhabited by numerous tribes of people collectively known as the Illyrians. Besides them, this region was also settled, in various times, by some tribes of Celts, Goths and Thracians.

The Thracians were a group of Indo-European or Aryan tribes inhabiting a large area in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. They spoke the Thracian language – part of the Indo-European language family, and in the Iliad are described as allies of the Trojans in the Trojan War against the Ancient Greeks.

There were about 200 Thracian tribes, with A strong Dacian state appeared in the first century BC, Including the Illyrians, who inhabited part of the western Balkans, which came to be known as Illyria to Greek and Roman authors, who identified a territory that corresponds to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Kosovo, part of Serbia and most of central and northern Albania.

The Varna culture belongs to the later Neolithic of northeastern Bulgaria, dated ca. 4400-4100 BC. The Balkans, also known as the Balkan Peninsula, is a geographic area in southeastern Europe.

Robert Sepehr is an author, producer and anthropologist.

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